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If you love butterflies, join the club
               The Massachusetts Butterfly Club!

The Massachusetts Butterfly Club (MBC) has over 160 members who are passionate about butterflies in many different ways. Members include people just beginning to learn about butterflies as well as prominent lepidopterists and everyone in-between. As a chapter of the North American Butterfly Association (NABA), the MBC encourages and participates in a wide variety of activities which support butterfly populations. The club offers over 50 field trips each season. Members participate in and lead these field trips. We also present programs for all ages on butterfly identification, behavior, photography and gardening. Go to our field trips webpage for a list of field trips and other activities. Our Fall and Spring members' meetings feature a pot luck supper and well-known speakers. The MBC s website is a terrific resource for identifying and learning about all 105 species of butterflies usually found in Massachusetts. Please join us in our campaign to learn more about and protect the butterflies of Massachusetts!

Membership Benefits

The most important benefit that comes with membership in the Massachusetts Butterfly Club is access to the extraordinary knowledge and expertise of other members. We all learn a lot from each other about Massachusetts butterflies where to find them and everything about them. Membership also includes the following benefits:

    Butterfly field trips in Massachusetts every year
    Free Potluck supper members meetings
    Subscription to Massachusetts Butterflies
            (MBC publishes twice a year)
    Subscription to American Butterflies
            (NABA publishes four times a year)
    Subscription to Butterfly Gardener
            (NABA publishes four times a year)
    New members get a free copy of the
            Checklist of Massachusetts Butterflies

To become a member

It's easy to join the Massachusetts Butterfly Club. Massachusetts residents automatically become members of the MBC just by joining NABA. To see NABA membership levels and to complete an application either online or offline, click on the link for the NABA Membership page.

If you do not live in Massachusetts and would like to join our chapter, please contact our secretary. NABA no longer manages this option. Note that out of state members do not automatically receive the printed version of the MBC journal (Massachusetts Butterflies). You can still purchase issues by going to our club publications webpage.

If you are not currently interested in becoming a member of MBC and NABA, you can still purchase issues of the MBC's Massachusetts Butterflies by going to our club publications webpage.